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Creative Strategy, Brand and  
Performance Marketing

BODi is all about engaging with customers to make fitness and nutrition feel good. I've pitched and presented tons of campaign ideas that have helped raise awareness for new products, sell out inventory in record time, and create brand loyalty that keeps them coming back for more.

Role: Creative Director, Copywriter

Team: JD&Co Agency, BODi Creative

Focus: Creative Concepts and Campaign Strategy, Video, Social Media, Email


To announce a new flavor of our top-selling Energize pre-workout supplement, we created a fun, vibrant campaign for social media and email. We knew that many customers use Energize for more than just their workouts, so we wanted to showcase its many real-life uses. From the workout warrior to CEO, Energize can empower you to make every day better.


Shakeology is BODi's flagship product in a nutrition category that exceeds $400 million a year. To mark the launch of the first seasonal flavor we created an adorable social media campaign. The Pumpkin Spice flavor sold out in 9 hours.


A delicious tea with a cheeky name deserves a playful video. I created the brand identity for this new product by combining data and insight with clever copy that I was confident would strike the right tone with our consumers. BEVVY grossed $1 million on its first day and hit 87% of its week-one forecast in 8 hours.



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