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I've been lucky to have spent over a decade as a creative lead building the BODi platform of brands from a $200MM company into a billion-dollar ecommerce powerhouse.

I’ve created a human-centered brand voice for dozens of products and millions of customers, every one designed to engage, excite, and empower—and keep people coming back for more. With a 95% retention rate, I’d say we’re doing a pretty great job.


I believe in messaging that's perfect for the moment and the medium—whether it’s a landing page, social media post, app copy, or email campaign. As competition grows, I work even harder to reignite passion for our products while attracting a new generation of customers.


My expertise is in branding strategy and development, creative direction and performance marketing, and smart concept execution driven by data and consumer insights.

I lead an in-house agency of copywriters (both full-time and freelance), driving individual creativity and building an amazing and supportive team culture.


Brand and performance marketing Marketing communications

Creative concepts and campaigns

Marketing strategy

Editorial and content strategy

Brand identity, tone, and voice

Social media strategy

Email marketing

A/B testing


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